4220 Hwy 952
Jackson LA 70748

Welcome to our web page about our place in the country - Angel Cloud Farm. Right now the farm is really some open ground and some woods. We are exploring small structure possibilities to create a multipurpose structure that could be a classroom for us to hold our concealed handgun license classes, teach leadership with paintball, entertaining our friends and family and to run our future blueberry farm. Our goal is to create an environment that our family and friends will love to come and visit .


Our plans are to plant approximately 1000 blueberry bushes and create a working blueberry farm. Pine trees take too long to grow and we don't have enough ground to make them worthwhile. Directions to the farm are here.


Ultimate Ballistics Box

Pelican State Firearms Training

Giurintano Christmas letter

last revised on April 3, 2014