2002+ State of the G-Union Message



So it seems that now in our life is a good time to sit back and take note of all of the stuff (that's polite for CRAP) that we experienced. I can start with reflecting on the fact that if 2001 involved change, 2002 was unbelievable. My image of getting older is a guy riding out the biggest wave on a surf board with no feet!

It started out well with Amy working at Foley's and everyone back to school. I was invited to be on the LSU Mechanical Engineering's Industrial Advisory Board,  then Kacie did a genetics experiment with Annie and Cody as the subjects. We then went on a cool 20th wedding anniversary trip. Amy put us through a whole bunch of stuff trying to find out what life is going to be for her. Annie had her puppies. I went on a nilgia hunt (it's not my problem you don't know what a nilgia is and no they don't taste like chicken) and finally shot something with a pistol. Patti taught the ESL kids summer school and decided to only teach part-time for the 2002-2003 school year while getting certified over the internet in English as a Second language though Southeastern (SLU). She's set up a "newcomer's class" aimed at transitioning new immigrant teenagers to life and English - pretty cool. I bought a deer hunt at the Safari Club banquet. At our 9th Annual Friends of NRA banquet, Greg Phares discussed a idea about giving free introductory handgun/defense classes to ladies in our area in response to the large numbers of ladies buying firearms for protection. We held class on three Saturdays in August, September and November and taught 300 plus ladies. The Advocate did a nice story about our efforts too. We were going to have a second IAB meeting and an ME alumni reception in CEBA afterwards but we had hurricanes to contend with. My sister had her first child - a girl of course, Lauren Elizabeth Bennett. She's a cutie. Amy got engaged to Hart Burk (sometimes referred to as "the boy"). I played session chair for the Joint Mechanics session at ASME's Winter Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Finally on Friday December 13th, I shot my first whitetail - a doe at 135 yds with my Contender. She's next to the nilgia in the freezer. We celebrated Christmas 2002 with the extended family in BR. On January 25th, we also celebrated my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. If you'd like to see some pics go to the Old South Photography site and navigate to them ( I know you can figure it out and there's a neat shot of me holding Lauren).  Just finished the second IAB meeting. The ME Department is really responding suggestions on how to get it to that next level and be a known premiere program in the US. It's that visibility thing. At the end of January, Amy wised up and moved back home. She and Hart are going to get in school, get degrees and have a wonderful life together. Finally, last weekend we tried it again and went off to New Braunfels for John Linebaugh's 1st Texas Sixgun Seminar and to celebrate Valentine's Day. Patti and I had a blast. 


God bless all of you and here's to our coming adventures!