2004 Christmas Letter



Merry Christmas 2004


the Giurintano Family

David, Patti, Bethany and Kacie

Hello Everyone!

We hope this letter finds you all healthy and happy. The holidays are a great time to touch base and find out what's new in your lives. We love to hear from everyone and enjoy the pictures of new babies, growing children, growing families, and grandchildren. We put them on our refrigerator and leave them up until we receive new pictures the following Christmas. It helps us feel close to you all and keeps you on our minds each day. Please keep sending them.

Life is full and busy with a Senior and a Sophomore in the house. Bethany will graduate in May and just received her acceptance letter from LSU. She is thinking of majoring in Business or Mass Communication. She is the Secretary of the Hi-Y Club at McKinley and just completed a weekend of Model UN (United Nations). She is playing on the soccer team again for the first time since Freshman year. She scored her first goal on the 11th! For the second year, she is a Pantherette, so we spent our Friday nights watching her dance at football games. She has danced at several “Battle of the Bands” contests this year with the Pantherettes taking first place, and she has danced in several parades. We watched her dance with her Advanced Dance Class at the school Christmas program last week.

Kacie is in her 2nd year of high school and has settled in well. She is class representative for HI-Y. This is her 2nd year playing soccer and is enjoying playing goalie. She also performed a Christmas dance with her Dance 3 class at school. She takes Talented Art and just had 2 of her charcoal drawings framed. It's hard to believe we only have 2 years until our youngest begins college! Life will surely be different even next fall with just one daughter at home.

Other changes are in store for our family as we are expecting our first grandchild in June. Amy is about 3 months along. She is also enjoying her new job, finally getting to do what she has wanted. She was hired to cook for Flemings, a very nice steak and wine restaurant that just opened in Baton Rouge. She would like to go to culinary school and become a chef. She and Shawn Waters, a deputy sheriff for Iberville parish, live across the river in Addis.

David and I stay busy trying to keep up with the girls as well as our own jobs. David is in his 18th year in the Public Health Service at the National Hansens Disease Program. He could retire in 2 years, but also talks about staying in longer. He's keeping his options open. He is Coordinator for Rehabilitation and Education now and spends more time doing administrative work than research these days. He hunted on several out of state hunts this year. Click here to read about them.

I'm teaching again at Crestworth Middle School working with resource students in inclusion in regular classes. I feel blessed to have found a school with a wonderfully supportive principal and some of the nicest co-workers around (which helps make up for the challenges of middle school aged kids!).

Bethany, Kacie, and I drove to Tampa this summer to see Mary, Scott, Lauren and our newest niece, Kristen, in July. I held the baby the WHOLE week! On the way home, we met up with Amy and Lizzy, Bethany's friend, and spent a couple of days at Fort Walton Beach. I got the absolute worst sunburn of my life in just a short morning at the beach. WEAR SUNSCREEN! I left mine in the room like a dummy. Otherwise we had a blast! I finally talked David into a cruise for our 23rd anniversary in April 2005 (payback for all the hunts he's gone on this year!!). By the way, I lost 32 pounds since August and feel great. I hope to keep losing in the new year.

Life continues to be filled with challenges and change. My Mom and her new husband Glenn celebrated their 1st year of marriage by visiting Mom's relative's in Germany, her 1st trip back home since she left 48 years ago! David's family is well; his parents were blessed with their 7th granddaughter! Maybe their 1st great- grandchild will be a BOY.

We feel grateful for our many blessings and look forward with anticipation to the new year with Bethany's graduation and the arrival of Amy's little one. Life is short and precious. Especially at this holy time of year, my Christmas wish is that everyone put aside their differences and heartaches and embrace each other and take comfort in God's love for us all. That is God's gift to us that first Christmas and always.

Merry Christmas and God's blessings in the New Year!



Now for some pictures of the year.


Winter Formal 2004


Beth's Spring Dance Performance

Kacie's awesome charcoal drawing of a bird in the hands for the 2004 GT Art Show at the State Archives.


Beth and her crew of friends before the Prom.

Beth with Isaac for the 2004 McKinley Prom.


Kacie with Rickey for the 2004 Bishop Sullivan Prom.
2004 Ballon Festival at Pennington - that's just down the street from our house.


Our newest niece, Kristen, at her baptism.

McKinley's 2004 Mismatch Day Queens!


The senior girls ready to go out on a toilet paper rolling expedition during homecoming week.

Poor Brandon's(class of '06) house...


Got to hand it to the juniors. They had flyers put up all around the school of what they did to the seniors' houses about two weeks after homecoming. The picture on the left is the flyer for our house.


  2004 McKinley High School Patherettes.


So this is what throwing the 28# Weight for Distance is like. Like that kilt!

Thanksgiving with all of those grand daughters of my parents.


Beth in the Winter Dance Performance. Below is a group shot of all of the dancers. It's the first time both Beth and Kacie performed together.


Kacie's defending the McKinley goal.


Beth in the game where she scored.


A whole bunch of the females(mother, sister, aunts, cousin, niece, daughters) from Patti's family.


Amy and Shawn