2005 Christmas Letter



Merry Christmas 2005

Wow! What a year. I don’t think things will ever be the same in Louisiana as a result of the hurricanes.

Bethany graduated from McKinley High and is now a freshman at LSU majoring in Mass Communication. She’s been taking full advantage of college life. Kacie’s a junior at McKinley. Both Beth and Kacie volunteered several shifts at the PMAC and the Field House right after Hurricane Katrina. Kacie helped one elderly lady get connected with her family after she was evacuated from a New Orleans hospital. She's also captain of the soccer team. Amy and Shawn are now proud parents of our first grandchild, Connor Joseph Waters. Connor was born early Father’s Day morning. He’s already 6 months old. Patti is now the lead teacher for Special Ed at Crestworth Middle. She’s really enjoying mentoring the younger teachers. I was very involved with the hurricane. For three weeks, I managed the special needs shelters in Louisiana (like the Field House at LSU) then for several months, off and on, John Figarola and I tag teamed primary care in the state and then in New Orleans. I served with many awesome Public Health Service officers and will always appreciate what they did for our state.

We feel truly blessed and loved the ride of 2005. May the Lord bless and keep you. Merry Christmas and God's blessings in the New Year!


the Giurintano Family

David, Patti, Bethany and Kacie

Now for some pictures of 2005.

The seniors for McKinley High's soccer team.


Our friend, Della Sinclair, gave beautiful baby shower for Amy.

Amy and Della.


Prom time was crazy at our house. Kacie attended 3! Here's Kacie with Joe.

Beth with Luke for the 2005 McKinley Prom.


Beth with her friends and Beth with Lizzy.
Bethany walking in the graduation procession.


Beth, Lizzy and Ashley at graduation.

Bethany's senior picture.


One more time our house is the target of a toilet paper rolling expedition.
Not a month after I had the Porsche painted, Patti drove it and it gets bumped.


On Father's Day 2005 at about 12:30am, we had our first grand child - a boy! Connor Joseph Waters was 20 or so inches and about 8 pounds.


  Amy, Shawn and Connor on Indendence Day weekend.


The scene of Kacie's first wreck. She didn't know you need to look behind you before you back out. For the second wreck, she said her arms got tangled up in the steering wheel! I suggested she should have let go of it!

One of many Connor picture for 2005 (08042005).


Every year, the BR ballon festival is right down the street on the grounds of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. Here are some shots from one of the days.

Two weeks before Katrina, we had a family gathering in New Orleans at Neil's house. Amelia's in the left top, Kristin is in the right top, Lauren and Anna in the lower left and Kacie and Amelia in the bottom right.


Kacie and her cousins.

W came to visit the Joint Field Office on September 25th. His news conference was over in the former girls departement of the old Goudchaux's on North 19th. ESF-8 was housed in the former boy's department. My nose is over the ESF-8 sign waiting to jump in and get the last handshake with the President. Click here for more picture about the hurricanes.


Bethany enjoying the night life at LSU.

Here's a shot I'd have never thought I'd see. Neil at the range running a few rounds through my Glock 19. Like I said, lots of changes since Katrina.


Patti and Connor (10292005).


My dad hit 80 in November. No, I can't say how old my mom is!


For Thanksgiving, we had about 10 deployed PHS officers ,  one deployed civil servant and the Delcambres over for fried turkey and smoked Red Stag. LCDR Daisy Mitchell (a Florida and Auburn grad) and Camina Davis were great to work with.

Maddie and Connor cousin wrestling.


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 Two final shots of Connor from 12172005.