2007 Giurintano Christmas Letter


Merry Christmas and God's blessings in the New Year!

We always thought 2007 would be a year of change for our family, and we were right. Kacie, our youngest, turned 18 in January, graduated in May and started attending Baton Rouge Community College in August. She's at home for a few more months attempting to save for a car. We were married 25 years on April 3, quite an accomplishment these days. In June, David reached the 20 year mark in the US Public Health Service making him eligible for retirement, something he plans to do in a few more months. We hope to have a slightly belated celebration of all the above events later this year. My friend Erin Murray and I spent a week in New York City and had a blast. I left Crestworth Middle and began teaching at Woodlawn High in August. In October, David made his only hunt of the year. Amy and husband Shawn gave us our second grandson, Collin William Waters, in November. November also brought the news that my mom has kidney cancer. She's the toughest lady I know and she's determined to beat it. Please keep her in your prayers. Bethany has only 3 more semesters at LSU. She continues to date a very nice young man, Cody Scallon, and we think they make a sweet couple.


The Giurintano Family

Patti, David, Bethany and Kacie


The year began with Kacie finishing out her soccer career at McKinley as team captain.


The last Winter Formal picture of Kacie and her friends was taken at our house.

Kacie posed below her charcoal drawing at the EBR Student Art Show at the State Archives Building.


Here's a shot of the den from the kitchen in the middle of renovation to our house. Don't be afraid to knock down walls. I wish I had listened to my husband and done this 10 years ago!

After trying for six years to take a decent photo at the student dance performances at McKinley, this is David's best shot taken at Kacie's last performance. She's on the front row on the left.


Isn't that sweet...Kacie and Bethany at McK's Senior Breakfast. Sometimes they actually get along!!

2007 Senior Prom picture in our front yard! We're going to miss having all the girls' friends gather at our house for pictures before all the dances. It's become a tradition.


David and Jerry had shirts made to commemorate 15 years of weight lifting together. How awesome!


Our last "baby" graduated!



We made it to Marlin's and Stacie's BYOLC celebration. We had a blast and I am happy to report that Elise is growing up to be just like her dad.


Here's a shot of the room from the 14th Pelican State Friends of NRA Banquet. David and the rest of the committee had a packed house and their best year yet!


This is proof that David does have self control. He passed on this monster stag. Gotta save for that house in the country!
The string of 7 granddaughters for David's parents was broken. Greg and Karen had a boy on Septemeber 25th and named him Matthew.


On November 8th, our 2nd grandson, Collin William Waters, was born to Amy and Shawn weighing in at a whopping 8 lbs, 11.9 oz. He's only 2 days old in this picture but looks more like 2 months! He came home from the hospital wearing the same LSU booties his mom wore 24 years ago. I was in the delivery room for his birth. Being "Mimi" to Connor and Collin rocks! As you can see, David loves being "Pops", too.


Kacie participated in the Mid City Dance Project's Nucracker performance. It's a great way to get kids involved in dance.


We had my mom's side of the family at our house for Christmas Eve. It was just cold enough for a fire in the fire pit.

My mom holding her new great-grandson, Collin, for the first time on Christmas Eve. I'm the proud grandmother, of course!


As the year closes, we're in the process of finding a house in the country with at least 10 acres, someplace where the grandkids can come to run and play, but not too far from Baton Rouge so we can continue to enjoy going to LSU basketball games and church at Christ the King, and not be too far from Beth and Ka. Once we settle on the house and sell our current one, David plans to retire from the Public Health Service and teach.

We passed on the property at the top because the house wasn't much better that the sheds, but this evening we put in an offer on a house and 34 acres in French Settlement. The live oak tree at the bottom is one of several there. No matter what place we end up buying, we can't wait to invite all of you over to barbeque, shoot, hunt, fish in the pond or just hang out and enjoy the scenery.

  If you noticed that this year's Christmas Letter is written by me instead of David, there's a very good reason for that. As I was proofreading David's original letter, I somehow managed to delete the WHOLE thing. Thankfully, he's still speaking to me....Happy New Year to ALL! Patti