2009 Giurintano Christmas Letter


Merry Christmas and God's blessings in the New Year!


The Giurintano Family

Patti, David and Kacie


Well, it started in a flurry. Tom Berry said if I got my papers to him by 12th of January I could retire on what I'd consider the perfect retirement date – 1 April! January was crazy with wedding dress selection and bridesmaids dresses. It was like bridezilla comes to Baton Rouge. Sons have got to be easier!

In February, I missed our Friends of NRA hunt at the YO because I was sick. But I hear Rocky had a great time.


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Pictures by Paul Mayer and Mary Bennett.

March geeze um pete – I made 50! Then the next week I did it! I retired from the US Public Health Service with 21 years 9 months and 4 days – but who's counting. Patti and the girls threw me the best 50th Bday/retirement party ever. RADM Epi Elizondo couldn't make it so he had Rudy Macklin present me with a PHS retirement certificate! Eric Epton came from Houston, Chris White from Dallas, Marlin Mullins and family came from Jackson, and Yvette Andrews and CDR Daisy Mitchell came in from DC. It was great to see so many of our old college friends too. That party was so cool!

Then in April Rocky Lockwood, Dan Calvert and I became NRA Basic Pistol Instructors. Dan and I have formed Pelican State Firearms Training, LLC to teach concealed carry classes – one of my life goals checked off!

In May, Bethany graduated from LSU in 4 years! She works for Lipsey's as a sales rep and no, she hasn't gotten me any deals.


Connor turned 4 in June with a lego birthday cake.


The month of June was consumed with getting 6 acres of land cleared on the farm. The initial plan was to try to grow some trees and have a big pond. No clay in the soil so that was out and to grow trees and get a return you'd have to live to be about 120! So we have revised the plan to grow blueberries. They need sandy soil. Where I wanted the pond will be a perfect place for the range – instant berms.
For the 4th of July, we went to Atlanta to visit Mark and Nancy Messonnier and their cute kidos Camille and Louis. We had a great time.



In February of 2008, Eric Delcambre was in a very bad car wreck and was in a coma for weeks. I promised him when he recovered he'd be the first person to shoot on the land. On July 14th, I had the chance to make good on that promise. He did mighty fine for a first timer – I guess it's the superior instruction.

July and August went by in a flash with final wedding prep and getting Cholly Mac back from the near dead. We sort of volunteered to train a pup for the NRA banquet. Then it became two. Number two decided to chew on Cody's collar so for some crazy reason Mac decided to swallow the buckle and rabies tag. After the second surgery, he received second and third degree burns due to the vet clinic using an electric heating pad. So he became the LSU Vet School's number one success story for the summer due in a large part to a most wonderful fourth year vet student, Kim Gusman. Kim worked with me last summer measuring the physiologic cross-sectional area of the intrinsic muscles of armadillo feet. She was on her internal medicine block when Mac came in and spent all of the first week watching over him. Then she kept an eye on him for the next 5 weeks. Everyone at the Vet School that worked with Mac was great but Kim has made it to honorary daughter status. The internal medicine resident, Dr Jennifer Ayoob, presented Mac's case for all of the Vet School a few Fridays back.

In the middle of Mac's treatment, we had the 16th Annual Pelican State Friends of NRA banquet. Almost broke $50k!


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Pictures by Old South Photography
The next weekend, we gained another son. Bethany and Cody were married at Oakleigh House in the country in St Helena Parish. Great couple, great bridal party, great food and good music. God bless Cody dealing with our broken princess!

Of course August also means school starts back. Patti is still teaching special students at Woodlawn High School. This is her third year at Woodlawn.

I am volunteering as a sponsor/advisor for two Capstone Design projects for the Mechanical Engineering Department at LSU. One is to provide a safe experience for the clients of the McMains Child Development Center on the annual canoe trip. The goal is to make a canoe stable, provide easy loading and unloading of the canoe, and create a comfortable seating device that will work for all of the clients. The other is to improve on current systems that allow wheelchair bound hunters/shooters to be safer and have a system that will allow for accurate/precise shooting from their wheelchair. Both groups are working hard so we'll see what the Spring brings.

Kacie started her junior year at LSU. She's living in those cute apartments on Highland Road south of LSU. She working building custom cup cakes and with autistic kids. She's hoping to get over to Gator Bayou and harvest a buck during the holidays.



In November, Collin turned 2 and Amy and Shawn threw him a cute crazy birthday party. Too many two year olds!

One day while surfing the ebay auctions, I mentioned to Patti that Walter Schreiner had a auction for 2 bucks and two does on the WRS. She looks up and says she wants to go deer hunting. I asked to be sure I heard correctly and she repeated herself – something she says she is always doing .... So I bid and win. So we go out to the farm and practice. She did just fine facing off against cardboard. So off we go for another Hill Country Adventure. She did just fine at crunch time – two does down with one shot each. Of course there was the oak tree the she killed at 140 yds.




Mary and Scott made it down a third time for 2009 for Thanksgiving at my parents. Patti turned XY and November was put to bed.


December brings my favorite hunt experience, the SCI Handgun Hunt at the YO Ranch. This is the hunts 20th year and my 5th. It was more this year than any so far. Everyone in our cabin is great to be with and our group is #1. I didn't even bring a big thumper so I could focus on harvesting a nice whitetail buck. Bob Kaleta wanted a monster blackbuck – a real challenge with a pistol and Gus Gillespe was his usual laid back self just wanting to feed the children. Brooks Jobe, guide extraordinaire, had been patterning a monster blackbuck for weeks prior for Bob. We caught glimpses of him from time to time on visits to his secret pasture. He was either moving fast or over 400 yds away. On day two I took a nice symmetric 8 point after totally missing a huge 9. While we were loading him on the truck, a huge young 11 pointer came chasing a doe out of the cedars about 30 yds away. Who can't love Texas! So for Day 3 at first light we're in the secret pasture and I spotted MR BLACKBUCK bedded down at 200 yds. Bob waited for him to get upright and off he went to blackbuck heaven. Then it was off to the water buffaloes. They were on sale two for one so you know how I love a deal. So at the awards ceremony, I was tops in most poundage donated for the third time. Bob won the raffle for harvesting a management sika buck, and Gus won the raffle everyone is in for harvesting an animal. Oh, Bob's blackbuck, it was a new #1 for handgun blackbucks and #2 overall! We were a happy little group.

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grad  Last week, Cody completed his four year relationship with LSU and graduated in construction management. So Beth and Cody are a two Tiger family! Happily my last graduate student form NHDP, Tyler Clements also graduated with his MS in bioengineering. Tyler is off to some sandy area to serve our country. All the best to you, Tyler.

On Saturday, we start our second LLC of the year for the Ultimate Ballistics Box and then send in the final patent version. Hopefully, it will be easier to get someone to license the UBB than getting the land cleared at the farm.