2010 Giurintano Christmas Letter


Merry Christmas and God's blessings in the New Year!

Wow, this year has blown by! It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that I was typing the last letter. Relative to 2009, this was an uneventful year - no graduations, no weddings. I guess one thing I need to do is get a new camera, one of those one's that fit in your pocket like a S&W 642 - my always camera. The old Canon G2's viewer doesn't work and it's so heavy it usually gets left at home, so there aren't lots of great pictures for this year. Any suggestions for a lightweight replacement will be appreciated.

Often I get asked what I do to "keep busy." Well if you ever ask a younger (less than 75year old ) retired person that question, they will tell you they don't know how they had time to work. That is very true. Just imagine getting to spend your time doing the things you love to do and enjoying the time with those you do them with. That's how I spend my time.

LSU gets the major part of the non-family time. I worked with two groups of Capstone Design students for the 2009-2010 year and have two new groups this year for the 2010-2011 class. I really enjoy working with these groups. It's lots of fun to well...you know to give them lots of grief and challenge them. The groups that finished in May created you-tube videos of their results, so you can go see them. I'll put the links in the picture section. I'm still being a catechist for the RCIA program at Christ the King, so I do my church volunteering at LSU too. I also help serve breakfast during exam week to the tired, sleep deprived students at Christ the King. I really don't get the cramming thing, since it wasn't too useful in ME. Back to ME, I've been actively working with the department on the Industrial Advisory Board, too. Right now we're giving feedback to the department as they develop their 5 year strategic plan. I knew all of that planning  did for the government would come in handy one day.

Of course there's also my time spent shooting. This year, Dan Calvert and I taught 5 concealed handgun classes and trained over 50 people. It's very rewarding and enjoyable. We had a great visit from the Bresettes. I took the four kids to the range for some shooting. A blast for sure. I have been out to the land often to practice and prep for hunting. I made three trips to the Hill Country and still love it. Patti hasn't gone out this year but her goal is to harvest the first deer from our land, and she's going to the Stowers Ranch with me for our Friends of NRA hunt in February 2011.

Speaking of the Friends of NRA - I volunteered to be chairman for 2011 until .... In order to better communicate with the volunteers, sponsors and supporters, I joined Facebook and created a page for the committee. That Facebook is pretty interesting. In spite of my initial thoughts, I think that FB is an amazing way of easily keeping touch with folks from the many varied arenas of our lives. Of course, some people post crazy stuff like what their child did that day or how their boss is an idiot, but you just filter that out. It is especially neat to get to see the good pictures people post of birthdays, weddings and other major events. Again just filter out all of the self portraits from 2 feet away and the beer bottles.

Land development is slow as we better define our vision for it. But it is still beautiful and a fun place to shoot.

Patti is in her fourth year teaching Study Skills at Woodlawn High School. I tell everyone she is saving the world one student at a time. This spring we were out one night at Perkins Rowe, and someone yelled out, "Mrs. G.!" Two students from her days at Crestworth Middle ran up to hug her and invite her to their high school graduations. Pretty cool! She has 9 1/2 years to go until she can join me in retirement and is a little jealous when the alarm goes off at 5 am and she has to get up, but I can keep sleeping. Patti's #1 form of entertainment is the grandsons. On her birthday, Amy stopped by with the boys for about 10 minutes and that, of course, was her best present. 

Our kids keep growing and moving into the next stage of life. It is wild to see Amy volunteering for PTO like Patti used to do and Connor enjoying kindergarten. Collin is a sharp cookie at 3 with a hillarious sense of humor. Shawn's doing well at Turner getting promotions and continuing to manipulate all things digital...including Amy's new Wii.

Bethany and Cody are doing well after one year of marriage. She's put her skill of removing money from pockets to good use at her job and is proving to be as good at 'selling' as she's always been at 'buying'. I guess all of those psychology and behaviorial classes are paying off. Cody went hunting in TX with me this fall, and we had a great time. I think he's hooked on the Hill Country, too. My next goal is to get him to be a skilled handgun hunter.

Kacie, ah, Kacie. Kacie decided she needed to live at home this summer and fall. I know some people lament the empty nest, but that wasn't me. It has been interesting. She will be moving into a house after New Year's and plans to graduate from LSU next fall. She says she needed one more football season, so maybe she will get to enjoy a national championship year like Bethany did while at college. The most interesting part of her moving home is when someone comes to pick her up to go out. They need to plan to sit and talk to me for two hours while she puts the finishing touches on.

A final note, last week one of my buddies passed away. He was only 55. Keep up with your doctor visits! Rick Cook had a most eventful year and posted some great stuff. Here's where it is ****. Good advice, oh, and make sure to get enough fiber.


The Giurintano Family

Patti, David and Kacie

We started the year with a great visit with Dan and Steven Stutts. Steven made his first trip to the range.

  Kacie made her hunt at Gator Bayou and took a nice big doe with the Marlin .30/30.

Here's our group shot form the Friends of NRA hunt at the YO Ranch.

   We celebrated Easter at our house with all of Patti's family.

Kacie taught a drama class in the spring and had a great time with the kids.  


Here is the video of the wheelchair gun mount project. 

Here is the video of the canoe chair project.

We made a trip to Branson to see the sights and then hit my sister in Rogers AR. Lauren and Kristen are so cute!


One more bison cow for the freezer. This is organic. Except for the bacon wrapped filets I guess.
My dad hit 85 in November. We all gathered at College Inn in New Orleans to celebrate together.


Thanksgiving weekend, I taught John Delaune a bit about shooting a pistol.


Made it to my 6th NAHH hunt at the YO Ranch. Lots of changes since the last hunt. I paired up with Fran Perry and Keith Bates. Derek Derringer was our guide. Three great guys. Still got to with visit Gus Gillespie. He is such a character. Took another water buffalo for feeding the hungry. That makes 5 water buffaloes. I used some of those .44 +P+ loads. 6 total penetration shoots. Still took one to the brain. These dudes are so tough.


Kacie made it out to the land with me for some practice. She is hoping I let her shoot a big buck from my Gator Bayou hunt. 
Here's the 2010 group shot.

Laura Wolcott Cardon did an awesome job of designing the logos for the farm and the shooting business.